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Media Destruction
Media and Hard Drive Destruction CCS (Cork) offers secure shredding solutions for media such as hard drives, CDs and DVDs, USB memory sticks, tapes, and X-rays. Secure disposal of digital documents stored on such media is essential. CCS (Cork) has the knowledge and equipment to ensure that your digital documents are securely shredded into fine pieces leaving no trace of any information and making reconstruction impossible.
All media destroyed by CCS (Cork) is sent for recycling and we issue a Certificate of Destruction which guarantees secure destruction of your media.
Printing Works Waste PaperCCS (Cork) provides a comprehensive daily service to printing works throughout Cork. We provide 1100L bins for storage and removal of print waste paper. All material is shredded and 100% recycled. Contact us to find out more.

Uniform DestructionDo you need to dispose of old uniforms that bear your company’s logo? CCS (Cork) can carry out uniform destruction at competitive prices. Call us today to find out more.

Home and Office Clear OutsHave your personal documents built up or are you storing financial records that date beyond six years? Don't risk identity theft by disposing these files with your regular household refuse.
CCS (Cork) can arrange home and office clear outs either by collection or through our drop-in facility at competitive rates. Contact us today to find out more.