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CCS Cork - Off-Site Service - What We Offer

CCS Cork Fleet

Introducing our Off-Site Service Our off site service uses secure containers that are designed specifically for the storage and collection of confidential materials while easily blending with the office aesthetic.
Collection of material stored in our secure containers can be carried out on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly schedule to suit the customer's needs.

How it works

Once your confidential material is deposited into your CCS (Cork) confidential bin or console, it is immediately secure. All bins and consoles are locked to ensure unwanted access and remain locked until CCS (Cork) personnel call for collection.

CCS (Cork) personnel call on a scheduled date or by request and remove the inner bag that holds your confidential documents from the console.

Your confidential material is taken directly to a CCS (Cork) vehicle where it remains secure and locked while it is being transported to our shredding facility.
All material is shredded on the day of collection and a certificate of destruction is issued which guarantees same-day destruction of your documents.

Your shredded material is baled and sent for 100% recycling.