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Why Shred?

Protect confidential dataEnsuring that you and your business are secure is of paramount importance. Too often, confidential documents fall into the wrong hands. CCS (Cork) has the experience and expertise to safeguard your privacy demonstrated by a 100% safety record over 25 years of trusted service.

  • Our lockable office consoles, which can be installed in your office, securely store your confidential documents until they are serviced by our trained operatives.
  • Our fully auditable confidential shredding service guarantees same-day destruction of your private documentation.
  • We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction confirming the secure destruction of your documents.
  • Whether you provide us with printed documents or digital documents stored on C.D.s, hard drives, or USB drives, our industrial shredders ensure that your documents are shredded to fine pieces making reconstruction impossible.
Don't risk dumping or burning. Have your confidential material professionally shredded and recycled by CCS (Cork), the local name you can trust.

Data protection & compliance Did you know that if you keep information about employees or clients, you are legally obliged to comply with data protection legislation? According to The Data Protection Act 1998, data controllers (i.e., you) are responsible for keeping this information secure and are legally bound to dispose of data in a secure method that prevents unauthorised access or loss of that material.

All CCS (Cork) services are fully compliant with EU and government legislation and we can ensure that you also stay compliant with privacy and data protection laws. Read more about data protection.

Save Money

Choose CCS Cork, and save time and moneyDid you know that outsourcing your confidential shredding is often more cost-effective than in-house shredding? By outsourcing, you are saving yourself from substantial machine purchase and maintenance costs as well as the valuable time and labour involved in the destruction process.

We ensure that our services are carried out efficiently and with no disruption to your workplace. Our industrial shredders rapidly process high volumes of material meaning that shredding that could take hours using an office shredder can be carried out by us in a matter of minutes.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone uses personal identifying information, like a name, PPS number, or credit card number, without permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. This issue can be very difficult and expensive to resolve for the victim.

Identity theft is an ever growing concern for Irish businesses and individuals and is even more pressing in the current economic climate. Simply by destroying confidential information in a secure fashion, you can protect yourself from identity theft. Let CCS (Cork) help safeguard your business by securely disposing of confidential material.

Protect the environment.

All material collected by CCS (Cork) is sent to recycling mills for recycling once the shredding and baling process is completed. The recycled output is reused in different forms including household products and insulation. You can be confident that by choosing CCS, you are protecting your business while at the same time helping the environment.